The transportation of liquefied petroleum gases is currently the main domain of our occupation. The work itself takes place powered by road transport services provided by us and companies cooperating with us, which deal with such deliveries on everyday basis. While organising deliveries we especially take into account the accuracy in providing specific road transport, which has to be appropriate for the client's needs, loading and unloading terminals capabilities, as well as the drivers who accomplish a given delivery enterprise. The companies cooperating with us are armoured with transport equipment that reaches the formal standards of international freight forwarding and road ADR transportation legal provisions. The drivers are qualified and trained in the field of ADR transport and safety. Furthermore, so as to guarantee the highest quality of services, our employees constantly monitor the stages of liquefied petroleum gases transport.


The transportation of fuels (petrol, gas oil) is fulfilled with employment of a similar method as it proceeds with liquefied petroleum gases. We employ a professional road transport company  to deliver the goods. After all the details, as far as our client's expectations, are determined we fill an order in a comprehensive manner (including the stages of loading, transport and unloading of the goods ordered to the destination pointed by the client).


The ADR transportation is not limited to delivery of gases and fuels. A numerous group of chemical products, due to its physicochemical properties, is being restricted in the nature of delivery by legal regulations concerning ADR transportation. As a natural result of such a condition, along with the development of our company, we are planning to expand our offer and deal with transport of aforesaid goods with the use of both specialist tankers and container transport with adjusted undercarriage.