About us

Who we are?

We are a new and dynamic transport and forwarding company with a pan-European range of action, represented by people with years of experience in the transportation of dangerous goods. Since the beginning of our activity (September, 2015) we are steadily increasing our market share in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) across the country and beyond its borders. We provide transport services under long-term framework agreements and one-off orders.

Our driving force is a dedicated team of specialists executing the most demanding tasks of forwarding and transport. Our enthusiasm and creativity provide a guarantee of a successful execution of orders in Poland and almost all European countries. We effectively use the knowledge of customs law and regulations on cross-border exchanges. A key location of our company headquarters in the eastern part of Poland enables our active involvement in trade of goods on the route between the countries of Eastern Europe and the European Union.

Ambitious vision of development, combined with the achieved confidence and recommendations of our international customers, allowed us, only a few months after the start of forwarding, to become a reliable carrier with our own new fleet.

What we do?

Difficult transport challenges inspire us. That is why, we specialize in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR), liquefied gases, propane-butane, gasoline, diesel and biodiesel, in particular. We have a stable staff of professional drivers speaking, apart from Polish, also German and English. Thanks to modern ICT solutions for transport, we are able to execute any, even the most complex transport order of given goods, throughout Europe, using our own fleet. We invest only in new tractors that meet the highest environmental standards (Euro 6), and our tanks are equipped with high-dispensing systems that allow trouble-free unloading at each point of delivery.

Increasing expectations of cargo allow us to share the excess orders only with professional and loyal subcontractors, who worthily represent three parties (their own, the client's and that of Logeast). In return they can expect fairness, on-time clearing and a partnership approach with a flexible portfolio of orders. Feel free to contact, this is a joint opportunity for growth.

Why us?

We are a dynamic company successfully executing strategic plans which are further supported by results. The efficiency and diligence in the performance of subsequent journeys brings recognition and satisfaction of our customers, contributing to the sustainable development of the Company. We require first and foremost from each other, that is why, despite the positive recommendation, we are still working on the continuous development of standards in the provision of our services.

We are not talking about cooperation - we consciously realize and develop it.

"True wealth is not how much your work will help you earn, but what it will make you become”.
- Pino Pellegrin.